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ser and estar practice
estar and ser: practice drills and exercises

Spanish lessons: Practice ser and estar or estar vs ser
- 145 sentences to practice ser and estar -

. Click on "New sentence" to get a new sentence.
. Click on "ser" or "estar", or type the correct preposition.
. Click on "Check answer", or press "Enter" to see your results.
. Click on "Solution", if you have no idea.
. Click on "Average score" to track your progress.

Rules for how ser is used

to express an inherent quality or characteristic
when a noun follows the verb to be
where someone or something is from
when to take place can be substituted by the verb to be
to express an inherent quality when an adjective follows the verb to be
to express an inherent characteristic when an adjective follows the verb to be
to imply that the subject belongs to a particular class or type
with passive voice

Rules for how estar is used

to express a temporary state or condition
to express location (permanent or not)
with a past participle to show the result of an action

Ser Expressions:

a no ser que



it takes place

ser aburrido/a

to be boring

ser cansado/a

to be tiresome

ser el colmo

to be the limit

ser de

to be made of

ser de

to belong to

ser de película

to be great

ser divertido/a

to be funny

ser enfermo

to be sickly

ser listo/a

to be clever

ser otro cantar

to be a horse of a different color

ser pan comido

to be as easy as pie

ser para chuparse los dedos

to taste delicious

ser triste

to be dull

ser una perla

to be a treasure

ser vivo/a

to be lively, alert

Estar Expressions:

estar aburrido/a

to be bored

estar cansado/a

to be tired

estar divertido/a

to be amused

estar enfermo/a

to be sick

estar listo/a

to be ready

estar triste

to be sad

estar vivo/a

to be alive

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