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Also online Spanish lessons with Skype

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Schedule for Spanish classes in Manhattan: 304  West 30th Street Suite #1 - New York NY 10001

Classes are from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Each class is an hour and a half.
Your first class is a 90 minute private lesson, during which I will determine your level, and we will decide the strategy to work together.
Your appointment is not confirmed until your registration is received.
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Program for Spanish lessons in Manhattan: 304  West 30th Street Suite #1 - New York NY 10001.

The program is open to beginning, intermediate and advanced students and develops the essential language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and emphasizes the skills of listening comprehension and vocabulary.

This program features both private and semi-private lessons.
Both private and semi-private classes are arranged at your convenience, and concentrate on the skill areas you need the most.
Private lessons allows maximum interaction between teacher and student, and addresses individual needs. Semi private classes of two or three students are available upon request.

In addition to this program, I can also customize programs to meet your specific needs.
I also specialize in on-site lessons for groups from corporations and organizations.
These courses are carefully researched and focused to the specific requirement of your group or profession.

E-mail me to discuss an appropriate class time. During the first lesson, I will determine your level, and we will decide the strategy to work together.


Spanish courses in Manhattan: 304  West 30th Street Suite #1 - New York NY 10001.

Unlike traditional Spanish language classes in NYC which start on a certain date and end in a certain amount of time, I will begin your lessons when you are ready to start, and classes will run for as much time as you would like. When you begin a course of study, we will work out a program or you can schedule classes weekly when you know you will be available. For example, if you know that you will go on a business trip in one month and need an intensive course, we can start immediately and study for Three hours a day. Later, if you would like to change it to twice a week for an hour and a half, that would also be fine. Once you become acclimated to the language, the level of Spanish will increase in vocabulary and speed to continue to challenge you.

Beginners Spanish: Spanish language class for beginners is designed for students who have little or no background in Spanish. The course will provide a solid foundation for the study of the Spanish language focusing on daily greetings and basic conversation.

Intermediate Spanish: Intermediate Spanish lessons are designed for students who have some prior knowledge of Spanish. Practice will facilitate daily life situations while focusing on acquiring a working knowledge of communication. Simple grammar and vocabulary will be stressed.

Advanced Spanish: The advanced Spanish level course focuses on conversing in varied situations and responding appropriately to conversation with others as well as accent reduction. Students will participate in meaningful conversation for 1 1/2 hrs. at real life speed.



304 West 30th Street, Suite 1

New York, NY 10001

Also online Spanish lessons

P: (646) 801-3718

E: [email protected]

H: Mon-Fri: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Classes may be held at your facility, at my office, or online. Please contact me to discuss arrangements.

The location is convenient to most subway and bus lines:

A, C and E trains stop two blocks away at 8th Ave. and 32nd St.
# 1, 2, 3
trains stop three blocks away at 7th Ave. and 32nd St.
Penn Station
is one block away at 8th Ave. and 30st St.
Port Authority Bus Terminal
is ten blocks away at 8th Ave. and 40th St.
New Jersey Path Train
is two blocks away at 6th Ave. and 30th St.

There is a Parking Garage twenty feet away at 320 W. 30th St.
Another Parking Garage is at 363 W. 30th St.
Parking is permitted on the street after 6:00 pm.


Sessions hrs.Private Tutorials 1 studentGroup Classes* 2-3 students
1.5 hrs.$120.00$80.00
3 hrs.$240.00$160.00

Sessions hrs.Private Tutorials 1 studentGroup Classes* 2-3 studentsGroup Classes 4-8 students
1 hr.$172.00$87.00$45.00
1.5 hrs.$216.00$108.00$55.00
2 hrs.$250.00$125.00$65.00
2.5 hrs.$295.00$147.00$76.00
3 hrs.$333.00$170.00$87.00
Prices are per person and per day.

* Group Classes: You will be placed with one or two students who are at the same language level at your desired time slot. Or, if you wish, you may come with your own group. When I set up a group class, it is because the students have the same level and skill. In order to put you in a group class, I will first need one class alone with you to determine your level and skill. Your first class must be one on one, and will cost $120.00.

Helpful Hints

Questions you should ask the head of the language department.

Some reasonable questions you should ask the head of the language department before enrolling in a school.

1. Is the reputation of the school based on high priced advertising and a big building?

2. How much do you pay per hour to the teacher?

3. How long has the teacher been working here?

4. Where did the teacher get the experience?

5. Does the teacher have a degree?

6. Is this an "immersion course" where the teacher does not speak English and it will take me one hour to understand a word like "codfish"?

Why Choose Me?

Questions you should ask the head of the language department.

It is necesary to look at the teaching system where you will be taught. Some interesting aspects of my Spanish lessons:

1. Many language schools hire native speakers without degree, technique, experience, or training so that they can pay them as little as $12.00 per hour and pocket the rest.

2. I work for myself, have a Master's Degree in Spanish Education from Queens College, a New York State Permanent Teaching Certification in Spanish, 20 years of experience, and know Spanish, because I was educated and raised to adulthood in Argentina.

3. If you take a Spanish course at Spanish Classes in New York you'll do all the right things at the right times, in the right ways. In short, you'll learn well within a short period of time.

4. What you will not receive is a meaningless certificate of completion or an award. Your fluency will prove your knowledge.

5. After having spent nearly $3,000. at "big name" language schools, many students have come to me, frustrated with their lack of success. They had invested time, energy, and money, without having retained anything. These students thought that they had poor language aptitude. How many people have taken High School and University Spanish for 2 to 3 years and still can't say much more than, "no comprendo". Is it because these people are incapable of learning a second langauge? Of course not. They need a guide to properly lead them through this process as simply and naturally as they learned their first language.

6. You pay per month, not 10 or 20 classes in advance, and there is no registration fee or contract.

7. If you are interested, please look over testimonials.

8. For more information, please go to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).

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Spanish Classes in Manhattan: 304  West 30th Street Suite #1 - New York NY 10001.

Your appointment is not confirmed until your registration is received.
If you would like to e-mail me, I can answer any questions that you have.
When possible, please email me rather than calling. Email allows me to manage my communications in a more efficient way, focus on my students, and quickly search and refer to previous communication.  E-mail  -  Contact form.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Adrian Gonzalez Martinez
Spanish Teacher

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