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Spanish Verb Conjugation Practice
Spanish Verb Tenses: Practice Drills and Exercises


With the Free Online Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer, you can improve your knowledge of the most frequently used forms of the most important Spanish verbs.
Just click the verb tense and start practicing.

Present Tense - Tiempo Presente
Él come pizza.
(He eats pizza.)
Preterit Tense - Tiempo Pretérito
Ayer comió pizza.
(Yesterday he ate pizza.)
Imperfect Tense - Tiempo Imperfecto
Él siempre comía pizza.
(He always ate pizza. - He always used to eat pizza.)
Future Tense - Tiempo Futuro
Mañana él comerá pizza.
(Tomorrow he will eat pizza.)
Present Subjunctive Tense - Tiempo Presente Subjuntivo
Espero que él coma pizza.
(I hope that he eats pizza.)
Present Perfect Subjunctive Tense - Tiempo Presente Perfecto Subjuntivo
Yo dudo que él haya comido pizza.
(I doubt that he has eaten pizza.)
Imperfect Subjunctive Tense - Tiempo Imperfecto Subjuntivo
Si él comiera pizza, estaría contento.
(If he ate pizza, he would be happy.)
Pluscuamperfect Subjunctive Tense - Pluscuamperfecto Subjuntivo
Si él hubiera comido pizza, habría estado contento.
(If he had eaten pizza, he would have been happy.)
Conditional Tense - Tiempo Condicional
Si él comiera pizza, estaría contento.
(If he ate pizza, he would be happy.)
Conditional PerfectTense - Tiempo Condicional Perfecto
Si él hubiera comido pizza, habría estado contento.
(If had eaten pizza, he would have been happy.)


501 Spanish Verbs - Click to buy. Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses. Verbs are conjugated and set up one-per-page in alphabetical order. Commonly used idioms that use a verb are presented at the bottom of the page that presents the appropriate verb.

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