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Spanish Verb Conjugation Practice
Spanish Verb Tenses: Practice Drills and Exercises


Automatic Spanish verb conjugation practice: Present Tense - Tiempo Presente

Example: Él come pizza. (He eats pizza.)

Your 153 Spanish verbs to practice:

abrir, acordarse, acostarse, actuar, adivinar, afeitarse, almorzar, alquilar, andar, apagar, aprender, arreglar, asistir, ayudar, bailar, beber, borrar, buscar, caber, caerse, cambiar, caminar, cantar, cenar, cepillarse, cerrar, cobrar, comenzar, comer, comprar, comprender, conducir, confesar, conseguir, construir, contar, contener, copiar, correr, costar, creer, dar, decir, defender, dejar, desaparecer, desayunar, desear, despertarse, devolver, distinguir, divertirse, doblar, dormir, elegir, empezar, encontrar, enseñar, entender, entrar, entregar, enviar, escribir, escuchar, esperar, establecer, estacionar, estar, estudiar, explicar, extrañar, frenar, gustar, hablar, hacer, ir, jugar, lavar, lavarse, leer, llamar, llamarse, llegar, llevar, mandar, manejar, mantener, medir, mentir, merecer, merendar, mirar, montar, morirse, mostrar, nadar, necesitar, obedecer, ofrecer, oír, olvidarse, pagar, parar, pararse, parecer, pasar, pedir, peinarse, pensar, perder, poder, poner, ponerse, preferir, preguntar, preocuparse, prevenir, producir, quedarse, querer, quitarse, recibir, recordar, referirse, reírse, repetir, resolver, romper, saber, sacar, salir, secarse, seguir, sentarse, sentirse, ser, servir, sonar, subir, tener, terminar, tomar, trabajar, traducir, traer, vender, venir, ver, vestirse, viajar, vivir, volar, volver

Select the pronoun(s):

. Click on "New verb" to get a new infinitive and subject pronoun.
. Type the correct form of the verb in the appropriate tense in the space provided. (Accents count).
. Click on "Check your answer", or press "Enter" to see your results.
. Click on "Solution", if you have no idea.
. Click on "Your average score" to track your progress.
. Click on "Complete conjugation" to see all of the forms of the current verb in that tense.

Change Verb Tense


501 Spanish Verbs - Click to buy. Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses. Verbs are conjugated and set up one-per-page in alphabetical order. Commonly used idioms that use a verb are presented at the bottom of the page that presents the appropriate verb.

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